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Is bumpybooks Right For You?

bumpybooks was designed to help a wide range of students.

In SCHOOLS, bumpybooks is used:

Bumpy Books teaches children to read
  • In General Education classrooms, grades PreK - 5th Grade; to help students become proficient readers
  • In English Language Learners classrooms (ELL)
  • As Response to Intervention (RTI) with:
    • Small Group Instruction
    • Intergrated Co-Teaching classrooms (ICT)
    • Special Education classrooms
  • By Speech Pathologists
  • By Occupational Therapists
At HOME, bumpybooks is used by:
  • Parents of Beginner Readers starting at 2.5 years and up.
  • Home School students
  • Parents of students with:
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Struggling Readers
    • Students with Dyslexia
bumpybooks is perfect for anyone interested in helping children learn to read!

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