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About the Authors

Ann Edwards - aedwards@bumpybooks.com
Ann Edwards, author of Bumpy Books Ann Edwards is a licensed Reading Specialist, Fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, teacher trainer, adjunct professor at St. John's University teaching literacy, and the mother of six. She has been an Educational Therapist working in the field of dyslexia and language based learning problems for the past fifteen years. She has a thriving tutoring practice where she works with students from five years old to adult.

Ms. Edwards works as literacy consultant in the public schools, has lectured at the Donnell Central Children's Room at the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public library, conferences, schools, and parent organizations across the country. Ms. Edwards has appeared on BCAT cable and the NY1 parenting segment of the news. As a Fellow of the Academy she also provides Orton-Gillingham Academy approved training courses at the Associate and Certified levels.

Ms. Edwards and artist/illustrator Karen Goldberg created bumpybooks. Their goal was to provide a simple, effective, and affordable guide for parents and teachers to help them help their children to learn how to read.
Karen Goldberg - kgoldberg@bumpybooks.com
Karen Goldberg, artist/illustrator of Bumpy Books Ms. Karen Goldberg is an accomplished oil painter and illustrator. She added her creative skills to make bumpybooks the child-friendly work of art it is. Together with Ms. Edwards she helped create bumpybooks and turn it into a useable tool for parents/teachers and children. To see more of Karen's art work, visit her site at www.karengoldbergart.com.

Ms. Goldberg is also the mother of three children and as a parent was completely convinced of the effectiveness of bumpybooks. She was also determined to bring a playful quality to the book so that children could enjoy themselves while they learn.